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Content Management System

Having the ability to maintain the content of your own website is a great way for you to take control of your own web marketing. We can make managing a website an easy task even for the technically illiterate.

What good is a website if you can’t use it yourself? In the old days of web development, any change to a website required a webmaster. Site owners had little to no ability to edit their sites themselves. Today, we use Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, to put the power of site editing back in your hands.

With WordPress, you’ll have the ability to add, edit, and remove pages, blog posts, comments, photos, videos, and more. No programming or expensive software is required, and changes you make to your site are instantly updated. WordPress is extremely user-friendly for anyone.  We like to say “If you can do it in Microsoft Word, you can do it in WordPress.

Do I need a Content Management System?

A CMS is not necessary for everyone, but anyone can use it. If you:

  • Want to make updates myself, on your own time
  • Need website updates several times a month
  • Want to maintain a blog

…then a CMS is a likely a great option for you.

Why WordPress?

We have played with many CMS available both free, open-source and paid. One of the primary reasons we like WordPress is because of it’s huge community which improves the core functionality very quickly. They also provide a large plugin directory which extends the possibilities of WordPress with features like calendar systems, advanced contact forms and so much more. We have yet to run into a project that couldn’t be done in WordPress. Our very own website is powered by WordPress.

Also important is the ease-of-use in the administration area for our clients. We don’t want to hand over a website for you to maintain that requires a BS degree in Computer Science or even much training at all. Many of our clients don’t require any help from us to learn how to manage their website content with WordPress.

More about WordPress

WordPress is more than a Content Management System.  In addition to giving you control over your website, WordPress helps with the following:

  • Pre-existing themes. You can save money on design by starting from one of thousands of available looks for WordPress.
  • Full design customization. WordPress can look like anything – the design is completely flexible.
  • Powerful plugins. The WordPress community creates plugins for everything from calendars to e-commerce to maps.
  • Free and open source. WordPress is free to download, change, and use for your purposes. No monthly fees or licensing.
  • Secure. WordPress takes security seriously, offering free one-click updates.
  • Backup. WordPress sites can easily be backed up. We back up all of the WordPress sites we build.
  • Scalabe. WordPress can be used for enormous sites, including the New York Times blogs, Wired Magazine, and others.
  • Popular. WordPress is said to power as much as 25% of the web – over 50 million sites!

Not sure which CMS is right for you? Request a quote, describe your project and we’ll help you decide which option is best for you.